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TemplateMonster Blog is a leading web design and development blog created to explore innovative web technologies, time-saving web and graphic design techniques, varied comprehensive resources and latest news in web design community.
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As a media platform of standing reputation, TemplateMonster blog features its premium-quality content along with some attractive ad options where you can publish your exclusive content to reach a global audience. As for the banner options, they are featured on the blog page of TemplateMonster and made their places in the sidebar.

TemplateMonster Blog’s audience is very targeted and well-established consisting of professional web developers and web designers, bloggers or just enthusiast who visit this site on a daily basis. Currently, the blog is steadily growing getting its traffic from search engines, social networks, TemplateMonster media channels including newsletter and press-releases. In addition to that significant percentage of blog traffic comes to the blog directly. TemplateMonster Blog is currently assumed to create more sensible traffic flows.

Estimated Impressions: 355,000/mo
Ad sizes available: 125x125, 250x250
Rates: $175/mo for 125x125 banner, $350 for 250x250 banner

TemplateMonster Blog Traffic Stats (2010-2011, by quarters) templatemonster blog traffic stats

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