SEO Boost

Our team is glad to announce that now you can order a new special service that will improve your site presence in major search engines and keep the achieved leading positions.

What we offer

We offer a powerful SEO boost for newly created websites and startup projects. This service shortens the time that search engines need to find and index your site, and works as the initial push to start driving visitors to your website.

It may also improve your positions in the search engines. This improvement really depends on how tough the competition is in your niche.

How it works

These improvements are achieved by submitting your website to high-quality directory websites and other sources returning very effective backlinks. The total amount of links you get from submissions is 400.

Directory submission results into higher indexation speed by search engines (a couple of days after the submission started) and improvement of positions of the website on the SERP (search engine results page).

The submission work takes a few months to make the appearance of new links look more natural for search engines and avoid penalties for quick growth of link mass.

The whole process consists of such steps:

- After the offer is purchased, you get an e-mail asking to provide the URL of your website.

- We start working on submission as soon as we get the URL and send you a notification that the work has been started.

- In a few months, we send you an e-mail about the end of submission and provide the submission report.

Below is the table showing how many links you will get, and the quality of these links:

Link Q-ty PR Comments
On-Page Optimization Report + Internal site optimization report, with advice and recommendations how to increase site visibility for search engines.
Simple Keyword Research + Not very deep, but quite vast analysis of keywords for your website. Selection of keywords that will bring more traffic at lesser expenses.
Web 2.0 Properties 15 Web 2.0 properties have become the crest of innovation in SEO, being the latest technique that allows you to get highly-oriented traffic. These properties can be defined as user generated content web pages, which allow users to interact and collaborate with each other. Think of it as a community, where you can build a reputation due to highly relevant and keyword-focused content. Links coming from these properties are of great value for search engines and allow you to avoid Google Panda & Penguin.
High Quality PR Socials 30 Highly important and nearly the most effective way of moving your website to the top positions - social media bookmarks. We have selected only those bookmark sites which are the most popular and valuable for Google, with high PR and big number of visitors. Beside this, bookmark website links will also provide a slight increase in visitor traffic for your website.
PR9 Profiles 15 We have a private website database with PR9. We will create 15 profiles in this database with the link to your website (on 15 different resources, of course).
Image Sharing 10 An image with the URL of your site in the image tag and description. The image will be placed on image hosting. Such method is very unusual, but Google gladly accepts such links and considers them very important.
Video Submission 2 We create 2 simple videos (using images and text) matching the niche of your site and publish these videos on 20 popular video hosting resources with the link to your website. For Google it is almost the "whitest" SEO method to tell the world about your site.
EDU Backlinks 15 PR 3-7 No matter what happens as the time goes, but Google still shows EDU links, since the domain name with extension .edu cannot be bought. Because of this the link from such resource has more weight than other links.
Web 2.0 social media profiles 70 Media profiles are profiles on media websites with the link in the "About" section. For some reason Google values it when a website has many such links. This means that this website spreads the word about itself among its users.
Social Network links mix (elgg, phpfox, jcow) 70 These are social media engines, created by users on their own domains. This method of optimization gives a very noticeable effect, because popularity in closed social media means a lot for Google.
Media Wiki Submission 70 We have plenty of Wiki resources. Google likes them, because they are considered a very reliable source of links which stay live forever.
Social Signals Mix (Pinterest repins, Tweet Retweets, Facebook shares) 100 Social signals currently are one of the most important ranking factors. Google thinks like this: if your website is being discussed in social media and it is of interest for people - then it's very important. All links are provided only from the most popular social platforms.
Total links 400 ping all links + indexgator