About AdBoomer

AdBoomer is what we may call a perfect medium that embraces the variety of well-established design blogs to easily advertise on them. Here the blend of varying ad environments is what gives us and our clients the most acceptable and gainful possibilities.
Our business operates in several blog spaces to provide our customers with flexible array of advertising rates along with a set of other benefits. For those clients purchasing a banner through AdBoomer for at least three months, we ensure a free banner design services performed once per every three months. We also guarantee unlimited banner switches into the banners provided by the customer. Additionally, it is ensured that your commitment to AdBoomer is inversely proportional to the advertising price we’ll charge (the longer your commitment is the less you’ll have to pay for each month).
AdBoomer collaborates with powerful design blogs, working together to create innovative advertising platform which makes up our professional services and works for our customers' comfort.