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  • TemplateMonster Blog A well-established web design blog with a great socially active community of readers and a rapidly growing traffic, TemplateMonster blog is so much more than just another corporate blog. The high-quality content that this blog provides makes it a perfect destination for web design and web development professionals.

    Estimated Impressions: 330,000/mo
    Ad sizes available: 125x125, 250x250
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  • DesignFloat A growing social network for designs of all fields is now open for your ads. Due to how diverse the DesignFloat audience profile is, this publisher will surely be interesting for advertisers of various types as long as they're design-related.

    Estimated Impressions: 810,000/mo
    Ad sizes available: 125x125, 250x250
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  • Templates.com Blog Templates.com Blog is a daily designer's resource, with socially active community and constantly growing traffic flow, that is dedicated to web design and computer graphics. Most of the audience comes from search engines and social networks, so Templates.com blog is a truly powerful design destination.

    Estimated Impressions: 220,000/mo
    Ad sizes available: 125x125, 250x250
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  • WebTemplatesBlog WebTemplatesBlog.com with its ever-growing and well-earned standing among its socially active audience, features the most attractive web templates as well as inspirational websites, articles and news, and it also delivers useful resources to find various freebies, including free website templates, free Twitter backgrounds, free illustrations and much more.

    Estimated Impressions: 90,000/mo
    Ad sizes available: 125x125, 250x250
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When you start working with AdBoomer you get more than just advertising. For clients that purchase a banner for at least three months we provide a free banner design services. One free banner redesign done by our designers is allowed once per every three months. Unlimited banner switches are allowed into the banners provided by the client.

Besides, the longer your commitment to AdBoomer is the less your advertising price would be. Besides when you purchase a banner for several months ahead you purchase them at purchase day prices which means you’re secured from the advertising rates growth (and rates do increase every three months on average).



Our ads that are placed all over the AdBoomer network keep delivering substantial amount of traffic on a steady monthly basis. However the best part is that these are the clicks from a target audience which results in conversions. We highly recommend AdBoomer to all companies interested in a real deal.


The design-related audience that the publishers from AdBoomer deliver is truly priceless for us. We’re a small project and the traffic we receive from AdBoomer advertising spots is essential to us.

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Thing we like the most about working with AdBoomer is that for the money we pay we receive more than just banner clicks and leads - for a startup project which we are staying within the audience’s reach is really important. This is an important tool for building brand awareness.